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Bus Bars-Bus Ducts

Busbars provide upgraded electrical and mechanical performance and are an attractive alternative for electrical installations as they provide multiple benefits over conventional wiring. Particularly, the bus bar installation time corresponds to one third of the time required for an installation with racks and cables saving time and money during fitting. Also due to their construction they prevent errors during their connection, minimize the inductance effects in electrical circuits ensuring security for installation and use, while providing a variety of connection methods and interface flexibility as the tap off boxes can be placed anywhere the customer wants.

V POWER, represents the Italian firm GRAZIADIO & CSpA providing busbar (Bus bars / Bus ducts) for the transmission and distribution of electricity from 25 to 6300A, which are manufactured in accordance with the quality system ISO 9001: 2008 and the most stringent European and International regulations providing secure facilities. Busbars may have copper or aluminum conductors, protection degree up to IP68, high short circuit currents and the capability to manufacture special items in accordance with the requirements of the installation.
With experience in design and construction of busbars since 1959 GRAZIADIO places special emphasis on values such as quality, safety of use, pioneering in construction, flexibility of products, economy and a continuous technical support to all applications which require transmission and distribution of electricity. With two factories in Rivoli- Cascine Vica, and Carrù (CN) Graziadio, can undertake any order and achieve fast delivery times.

With our experienced team our company can undertake the design and busbars installation offering solutions that use to the maximum all their advantages compared to a conventional installation with cables.