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Medium Voltage Switchboards

An essential part of each Substation is the Medium Voltage Switchboards used for the handling, control and protection in a Μ.V. facility such as transformers, motors, etc. The MV Switchboard and its materials such as Switches, Fuses, Circuit Breaker, Secondary protection relays, and measurement transformers are selected in order to cooperate in harmony and to offer safety use, high reliability with long life assurance and low maintenance requirements.

Our company is a dealer of the Italian firm MELCOS in Greece, which is engaged in manufacturing of Medium Voltage Switchboards, low-voltage switchboards since 1983. Collaboration is the key to our business success. Indeed only the efforts joint to the fields of design, production and marketing allow to meet the customer needs in relation to the quantities, quality, cost and delivery and delivery time of the final product.

Ongoing specialization of MELCOS staff in new technologies allows the company to achieve objectives for high quality as certified by ISO 9001: 2008 in order to to integrate expertly standard product lines with the possibility of producing special parts according to the customer requests.

Our company also cooperates with recognized Greek companies for medium voltage supply ensuring the optimal delivery time when materials are not already in our stock.