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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are required to power electrical equipment which must be protected from network disturbances and be in continuous operation 24 hours a day throughout the year.

To achieve the above goal, On Line Double Conversion (Double conversion) technology is used, wherein the network’s alternating voltage (AC) is rectified, becomes direct current (DC) in order to charge batteries and then is converted back to alternating (AC) in order to power the UPS loads. This ensures complete isolation of the load from the problems that may occur in the network as overvoltage, disturbances, voltage drop and power failure.

V POWER represents in Greece the Italian firm POWERTRONIX who has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing UPS. The company, which produces innovative products, aims at providing reliable solutions to the International Energy Market for clients to whom quality and continuous service are critical. Offering complete protection through a full range of products, customers who choose POWERTRONIX can be sure they acquire the latest technology products are acknowledged in the market in a competitive price.


Our company has supplied, installed or serviced UPS in Banks, Public Services (Hospitals, Banks, Army, Ministries, IKA (Social Security Organisation) throughout Greece), Industry, Hospitals and many other projects in the Public and Private sector.