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Service 24h/After Sales

V POWER recognizes the importance of continuous operation of installations and the effect on cost of a possible interruption of their operation, so we place great importance besides from the proper preventive maintenance also to direct troubleshooting.
We have a 24 hours emergency staff for emergency failures, comprising of experienced and well trained Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electricians and Engineers, who are capable to deal with any failure that occurs. We also have the modern equipment required, such as measuring instruments, tools, etc. and spare parts stock for immediate repair 24h a day .
The organized after sales department of our company faces the maintenance of critical E/M installations (MV Substations, Generating Sets and Uninterruptible Power Systems Supply) with responsibility and respect. Our policy is based on trust and integrity, building that way a strong relationship with our customers whom we consider as partners.
Our cooperation with companies from Greece and abroad ensures the availability of spare parts either in stock in our warehouse or with a direct order from our suppliers