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Having as guarantee οur technical skills and the experience of our staff, we can offer services of excellent quality and complete maintenance solutions. The continuous training of our staff in our subject and expertise in new technologies for Medium Voltage Substations, Medium Voltage Switchboards, Power Transformers, Generator Sets, UPS and Busbars, (Bus Ducts) guarantees optimal performance of projects assigned to us, for maintenance or repair.
The greatest advantage of our company is the specialization of our engineers in maintenance, repair and installation of Medium Voltage Substations, Medium Voltage Switchboards, Power Transformers, Generator Sets, UPS and Busbar (Bus Ducts).
Our services include troubleshooting, failure repair, equipment testing, repairs, replacement of damaged material etc.
We cover the maintenance needs for any customer, with Maintenance Programs that include all the necessary checks for the correct operation of the equipment consisting of the required number of visits each time.
We have also available in our warehouse stock for spare parts for emergency, repairs and there is as well stock for Cast Resin Transformers and Oil Transformers, Medium Voltage Switchboards, Power Systems and UPS for any critical event that may occur.


Medium Voltage Substations Maintenance
The MV substation is the heart of a power distribution system and its proper maintenance ensures safe and reliable operation. Each piece of the equipment that composes a Medium Voltage Substation, such as Power Transformer (Oil or Cast Resin), Medium Voltage Panel, Low Voltage Panel, is thoroughly checked by qualified technicians with modern equipment to ensure their good operation.
With the proper planning of the preventive maintenance we manage to diagnose potential future problems and to avoid material failure or any unexpected interruption in the operation of the Substation.


Generating Sets Maintenance
Generating Sets are the most reliable source for backup power in facilities like Hospitals, Airports, Government buildings, telecommunication stations, food markets and more. When required by the conditions (PPC power failure) the Generator set starts automatically and powers the load of the facility so it can continue to operate.
In order for a generating set to always be in stand by, it should be serviced in regular intervals in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Our experienced technicians can perform all required preventative checks and preventive maintenance work so that not only the Generating Set but also the switching / automation panel will be in an excellent working condition.


UPS Maintenance
UPS are installed on critical loads where even the slightest interruption of power supply must not occur in any case. Proper preventive maintenance ensures that UPS deliver uninterruptible and clean energy to the equipment they supply minimizing this way the probability of power shortage to the load.


Fire Protection Systems Maintenance
Our company also undertakes the maintenance fire protection systems covering the aforementioned equipment or the building infrastructure in case of fire. Fire protection systems are of high importance since in these systems possible failure may have unpleasant consequences. Regular inspection and proper maintenance ensure that these systems will operate normally whenever required.
Additionally with our specialized staff for emergencies and with spare part stock that we have, we are able to restore any damage in all the above cases